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Also known as boho decor, this design expresses a carefree, relaxed, and unconventional style where no two rooms are the same. Most commonly chosen by those with creative backgrounds, these living spaces are loaded in textiles and patterns.


Defined by practicality and comfort, this decor style often includes raw materials and colors that are both functional and stunning. Unlike modern minimalism, you'll want to find knickknacks, antiques, and vintage decor for your farmhouse living spaces.


Industrial living is all about displaying the raw building materials many try to conceal. Expose your home's basic framework, such as its ceiling beams, air ducts, cement floors, pipework, and brick walls to complete the factory or warehouse appeal.


Rustic decor is the ultimate combination of all things natural, rough, and aged. Similarly to industrial design, although less harsh, you'll want to include weatherworn woods, distressed materials, and mix-matched hardware.