A rustic room with a fur carpet in the bottom left corner, a long black couch against the brick focal wall, and two chairs on either side of the couch. A clock sits on the end table while the fireplace is running on the opposite end.

About Modero

Our Story

Modero was born from a collective passion for art and interior design. As artists, we are possessed by our ideas and a desire to create. We have a wide range of interests, such as resin casting, acrylic pouring, abstract painting, vinyl printing, and more! There is no shortage of creative energy flowing through us. We decided to take our creativity one step further by offering our custom pieces to a wider audience who inspire us to come up with new and innovative ways to create every day. Our collection also includes a large variety of unique, handmade items from a worldwide selection of creators.

With an interior design background, we love to create new and intriguing spaces with hand-crafted mid-century modern, farmhouse, industrial, and rustic home decor and furnitureOur company name came from our passion for modern abstract art and home decor. After spit-balling several ideas, we finally found something we can get behind. 

​Every project is as unique as our customers. Our goal at Modero is to bring you handmade or professionally made pieces that are one of a kind or to your specifications and not mass produced in a factory or sold by big e-commerce and department stores. 

Meet the Team

Renee Gignac​,  Co-Founder, Award-Winning Interior Decorator & Home Stager, Artist 
Renee Gignac is a certified Professional Interior Decorator and an International Staging and Redesign Professional. She is also an accredited member of the International Staging and Redesign Professional Group. With nearly a dozen professional awards from major players in the industry, including Houzz and Better Homes, her designs are sure to inspire. She was recognized for the Houzz "client satisfaction" award five years in a row in addition to her "best of remodeling" award in 2013. She has professionally staged and designed over a hundred homes in Southern Ontario, Canada. After racking up a massive clientele, she was recognized by Biz X Magazine as a leading expert in her field. She is now the co-founder of Modero with a goal to bring homemade, custom, and hand-crafted furniture and designs to the masses.
Justin Gignac​, Co-Founder, Artist

Justin Gignac is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a strong passion for art and design. He began creating abstract designs for fun when he was much younger, but as stay at home orders were put in effect he quickly developed a strong passion for the art. He now creates custom abstract artwork and resin pieces for a wide range of customers across Southern Ontario, Canada. He decided to co-found Modero with the vision of bringing homemade artwork and home decor to the forefront of home living. With a strong belief in supporting small businesses, ​Renee and Justin want to change the way we shop for home goods. 

Our Mission

At Modero, we strive to create and source the best handmade home decor that is as unique as our customers. Our mission is to provide our customers with a large selection of both custom and handcrafted pieces from small businesses and artists in Canada and around the world. 

The Big Dream

Our dream is to grow into a strong online retailer for small businesses and artists to sell their unique, homemade, and hand-crafted pieces to a large audience around the world. Today's largest retailers often sell items that are made in factories and are relatively inexpensive to make. We believe there is a unique market for handmade items big and small that is just waiting to explode. We want to make sourcing and supporting these individuals as easy as the click of a button. Please note that not all products on our website are entirely handmade, but all products sold on our platform do contain handmade elements and professional craftmanship. Some of our products have components that may be mass produced, but the final product requires expert dexterity, attention to detail, and careful assembly. As our partnerships grow, so too will our inventory of handmade decor.  

All items on our online store are tax free*. This means you only pay the price you see with no hidden fees or charges.

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